Built for you by experts in cooling technologies to address your needs

  • Just put it on and it works
  • No battery to charge
  • No water to immerse in
  • Compatible with most disposable insulin pen

Heat absorbing material recharges whenever VIVI VIAL is in ambient temperature of less than 82.4°F ( 28°C )

VIVI VIAL should be replaced if after pressing the button no light is observed , or one year after first use.

VIVI VIAL physical dimensions:
Weight: 2.0 OZ (60gr), Length 2.6” (70mm), Diameter 1.3” (35mm)

VIVI VIAL works in just one easy step

Place your vial inside VIVI VIAL –that’s it

To validate cooling status – press the button and confirm the indicator is GREEN

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