Built for you by experts in cooling technologies to address your needs

  • Scientifically proven
  • Works everyday for years without maintenance
  • No need for charging ,  water ,  or refrigeration
  • Compatible with most prefilled  & refillable  insulin pen

Insulation & heat absorbing material keep  proper temperature for the insulin inside. Heat absorbing material automatically recharges whenever VIVI CAP is in ambient temperature of less than 82.4°F ( 28°C ).

Temperature indicator is activated  for few seconds, after  pressing a button.

VIVI CAP1 works always! Everyday for years, and should be replaced if after pressing the button , while in room temperature, no indicator light is observed.

VIVI CAP1 physical dimensions:
Weight 2.0 OZ (60gr), Length 3.5” (89mm), Diameter 1.18” (30mm)

VIVI CAP1 works in just one easy step

Replace your Pen’s cap with the VIVI CAP1 – that’s it!

To validate cooling status – press the button and confirm the indicator is GREEN

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