VIVI CAP1 is a replacement cap for insulin pens. It is intended to keep insulin cool within safe temperatures below 29°C (84.2°F) for minimum of 12 hours even in a constant environmental temperature of 37.8°C (100°F), when the device is placed inside a personal handbag.
The cap temperature regulation is passive and combines thermal insulation with heat absorbent material. The cap is ‘reactivated’/’filled up’ to provide safe storage conditions, whenever the ambient temperature gets below 26°C (78.8°F), for subsequent periods of 12 hours and for up to 365 days of continuous daily use. The Cap includes built in temperature sensor which can be activated by a push button. Following push button activation light turns on (Green/Red) to provide information about the  temperature inside the cap.
The heat absorbent material within VIVI CAP1 is ‘reactivated’/’filled up’ to its heat absorbing state, whenever the ambient temperature gets below 26°C (78.8°F), which is common indoors and even outdoors after sun down. Therefore, usually VIVI CAP1 is reactivated while it’s on the pen without any need to place it in the refrigerator. In rare events, if there is need to accelerate reactivation, VIVI CAP1 can be placed in a refrigerator without the insulin pen.
Yes, VIVI CAP1 works even when it is placed inside a closed bag. It does not need any air flow for its activity and it is small enough to fit the supplies kit.
VIVI CAP1 is FDA and CE registered as class I device.
The device has One Year limited end user warranty.  The electronics in VIVI CAP1 which runs the built in temperature sensor and visual temperature status indicator , will run for at least one year. The device should not be used  if the electronics doesn’t work.